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Thrifted Fashion - On Trend!

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

With the cost of designer clothes and the environmental impact of inexpensive “disposable” fast fashion, thrifting for clothing is a fabulous way to increase your wardrobe with

quality items for a really good price. The problem is that going into the clothing section at most Goodwill stores and thrift shops can be a bit overwhelming and even intimidating. I have had some very good luck over the years and across the seasons and thought I’d share six thrifting tips when it comes to shopping for clothing.

Tip #1: Aim for the clothing section first.

If you wait until the end of your thrifting trip, the clothing aisles can be dizzying and you won’t have the stamina or will to go through the racks. I start with clothing and then work my way to houseworks. Tip #2: Label shop.

I have a pretty good eye for certain brands and can scan through the hangers

and pull out the brands I know and trust. I always look for Patagonia, North Face, J. Crew, Banana Republic or other well known brands. Tip #3:

Know your size. Different brands size differently but if you know you are a size 8 with J. Crew and a size 6 with Gap, it makes it a lot easier and less risky to take items home without trying them on. When in doubt though, try it on. Most stores have fitting rooms and if you are at all unsure if it will fit, try it on. There’s nothing worse than getting home with a bag of clothes and none of them fit.

Tip #4:

Look for versatile pieces. Jeans, blazers, sweaters, blouses, scarves, the whole mix and match thing! I have made the mistake of buying something super funky and then never wearing it. So my recommendation is to go with some wardrobe basics that you know you will wear. Tip #5:

Buy clothing out of season. Oftentimes thrift stores will put out clothing even if it is out of season. Winter jackets and sweaters can be found during your summer trips to the stores, simply bring them home and put them away until that season comes along. Tip #6:

Avoid stained or less than perfect pieces. As tempting as it is to buy something with just a little stain or imperfection, my advice is to stay clear of those items. I am not great at getting stains out and often that item goes unworn in my closet. Do though, take all your items home and give them a good wash or bleach if they are white.

Thrifting for clothing is not only good for the budget but good for the environment as well. So many lovely items end up in thrift stores just waiting for the right buyer. Think about the tips above and give it a go, you may end up with a high end wardrobe that will have people noticing!

Here are some videos featuring thrifted fashion.


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