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No Matter Your Style You can Find it at the Thrift Store

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

One of the best things about going to a thrift store is that no matter your personal decorating style, you will undoubtedly find something to take home that fits in with your decorating style and taste.

At Relatively Refined, each of us has a very different style yet we almost never come home empty handed from a thrift store. That’s the beauty of thrifting!

I (Kathleen) love mid-century modern decor. This style refers to the dominant furnishings of the mid-20th century—simple, functional wooden pieces made from teak and curved designs reigned supreme. As you probably guessed, mid-century modern style originated during the middle of the 20th century and embodied the needs and wants of the population of that time. It is rooted in functionality, clean lines, and simplicity, which reflected the world at that time.

Here are a few pieces I have found at thrift stores that fit my preferred Mid-Century Modern decorating style:

My sister Paula’s style is more CottageCore. It is a maximalist decorating style with a homespun feel that is often driven by nostalgia. Anything vintage goes when it comes to cottagecore. It's all about warmth and easy and budget friendly. Any color palette at all fits this style, but the colors tend to be more muted, earthy and subtle. It is all about filling your home with things that are homemade and beautiful.

Here are a few pieces that Paula has found at thrift stores that fit in with her cottagecore decorating style:

My sister Patty’s style is a more traditional interior design. This style often includes silk, linen and velvet upholstery and window coverings in damask, florals, stripes and plaids inspired by 18th and 19th century designs. It is layered in color and texture, bringing a sense of history and glamor to a space. A traditional interior will often emphasize symmetry and order, making use of details such as wainscoting and crown molding. Traditional décor elements can include book collections, chandeliers, sophisticated vases, and floral arrangements. Ornate rugs, built-in cabinets, and framed art are also popular.

Here are a few pieces that Patty has found at thrift stores that fit in with her traditional decorating style:


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