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Thrifting for Fall Decor

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

From January through August the decor in my house stays pretty much the same. However, once September hits, I go into decorating mode. I love to decorate for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In all my years of thrifting I have learned that it is quite possible to find very affordable fall/autumn decor at the thrift store.

In this blog post I am sharing ten categories of fall decor items that are readily available at most thrift stores and are usually very affordable. These items are not necessarily specifically or overtly fall. Instead they are items that evoke the feelings, sights, and smells of fall. They create a cozy autumn cottage through warm colors, natural textures, and soft lighting. Here is a list of ten categories of items you can thrift to create your own cozy home for fall.

1. Warm Woods: These are things like wooden bowls, candlesticks, and cutting boards. Nearly every thrift store I go into has a section devoted to wooden items.

2. Cozy Lighting: This category includes things like candles, small lamps, and lanterns. Something as simple as turning off the overhead lights and using candles or small lamps to create soft, ambient lighting brings such a cozy feeling to your home.

3. Textiles: This category includes things like pillows, table linens, tea towels, and even aprons. Purchasing these items in the colors of autumn and then swapping out your summer or everyday pillows, linens, and towels, is an easy and affordable way to bring some fall color to your home.

4. Baskets: Almost all thrift stores have an abundance of baskets. Prices can vary, but usually baskets are among the most affordable items in any thrift store.

5. Warm-toned Metals: This category includes metals like copper and bronze. I always think of silver and pewter as more of a spring/summer or Christmastime metal. Copper and bronze bring a warm glow to your home that is perfect for fall.

6. Natural Elements: Dried florals and greenery are abundantly available at most thrift stores, and they are usually quite affordable. In addition, you can often just go outside and forage for natural elements like leaves, sticks, and branches, in the wild - which is absolutely free!

7. Dishware: I never been to a thrift store that wasn't packed to the brim with dishware! Purchasing some one-off plates or bowls in autumn tones is a very inexpensive way to bring some fall color to your. Something as simple as swapping out your usual coffee mugs for some fall-themed mugs is an easy and VERY affordable way to bring some fall to your home!

8. Trinkets/Knick Knacks: I have found lots of adorable fall "smalls" over the years at the thrift store. These have included bronze and brass figurines, small ceramic figures, miniatures, and sculptures. I love to tuck them in small spaces for a little fall surprise.

9. Artwork: Most thrift stores have an abundance of artwork. It is not always beautiful, but very often you can find some lovely pieces that you can swap out seasonally. I look for artwork all year round and have found some lovely moody, fall toned artwork at different times of the year - not just in the fall. I just put it away until the appropriate season arrives.

10. Books: Books are another very affordable and available thrift store item. Collecting books that are in autumn colors is a great way to bring some fall touches to your home. Books can be used as decor or even as risers for other items. Never underestimate the power of books as decor!

Here is a free printable with all of these categories. Download it and take it with you to the thrift store next time you go!

Fall Decor Thrift List
Download PDF • 332KB

Check out this youtube video on Thrifting for Fall Decor.


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