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Rising Thrift Store Prices: Your keys to success

Are you shocked by the rise in prices at your favorite re-sale or thrift store? You are not alone. Increased demand for thrifted items is a result of the perfect storm of increased prices and lack of availability of new items. I am constantly amazed at the rapid rise in prices, but read on to see some helpful tips to help you combat these prices and have great success while thrifting

1. Re-Sell: Rising prices in thrift stores logically means pre-loved items will also fetch higher prices. Therefore, if you have extra items to sell, you may be able to recoup or free up extra funds. The rising prices are offset by the rising value, so cash in on some of those items that are just sitting around. FaceBook Marketplace, eBay, Chairish, and a myriad of other sites can help you to capitalize on these rising prices and high demand for second hand items.

2. BE PATIENT: In the past, I could find so many items for $1-$2 that I would pick things up if they were reasonably close to what I was on the hunt for. For example, I really wanted a champagne bucket…until I found the exact one, I would buy numerous vessels at $1-$2 each because they were close. Now with these vessels being closer to $5-$10 each, it isn’t worth it. Best to be patient. That item will be more expensive, but you’ll be ready because you haven’t spent money on “close enough” finds. I paid $50 for the exact champagne bucket I wanted, versus 5 various metal vessels at $10 each.

3. BUY LESS: I’m no minimalist and am not suggesting you be one either. However, just like #2 above, it’s important to hone in on exactly what you want because there really aren’t any more super inexpensive substitutes. You will get fewer items for your buck right now, but make peace with that. Thin your collections and keep a list of what you need.

4. DO YOUR RESEARCH: Read and research prices. Go antiquing or thrifting armed with the knowledge of going prices. You are going to need to pay up to get what you want, but nobody wants to be taken advantage of. Look on eBay at what has SOLD, Remember household items and used clothing are worth whatever the consumer is willing to pay. There are some items we want so badly, we are wiling to pay more.

5. LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS: When you shift your mindset from finding bargains and walking away with hordes of cheap items, to finding one beautiful, well made treasure, you will find more joy. Think of yourself as rescuing a treasure from the landfill, decreasing the demand for fast fashion, lowering the need for shoddily made mass produced pieces that won’t last, and sparking wonderful memories of parents and grandparents from past generations.


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