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Do NOT skip looking for these three pre-loved items.

I CANNOT leave these three items behind at the Thrift Store

It’s no secret that I love thrifting. I love to search estate sales, thrift stores, consignment stores, and yard sales for treasures. But when it comes to thrift stores specifically, it can be overwhelming. If you keep your eyes peeled for these three items, you just might hit a home run (okay, maybe it’s a triple)

Baskets: I love to use baskets for decorating, to corral and organize spaces, and to hide unsightly items. In my house you will find many, many of them. I try and look at quality, size, and function over manufacturer. If the basket has no holes, breakage, or damage and is well constructed of sturdy material, that is a great start. Next I think about size. Large baskets are great for storing blankets, backpacks, linens, and laundry. Smaller ones may serve as a place to corral keys, stationery, or gardening items. If like items are stored together, less chance to lose them. I put baskets on top of cabinets to store unsightly items such as lightbulbs and extension cords.

Small, but sturdy basket with small gardening tools inside

Small, but sturdy basket keeps my small gardening tools in one place

brown estate sale basket storing blankets

This $8 Estate sale basket works great for storing blankets

Hurricane Glass for Candles: I love how adding this one simple element can elevate an existing candle. Turn ordinary into extraordinary just by adding these inexpensive upgrades. Hurricane glass abounds at my thrift store and runs between $1-$4 depending on the size. I have a lot of them.

different size hurricane glass on brown shelf

Hurricane glass to put over candles in various heights

Pop a hurricane glass over a candle to allow it to burn even when it’s breezy

Pop a hurricane glass over a candle to allow it to burn even when it’s breezy

Hurricane glass is open on either end and is quite a great function when trying to keep your candle lit when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Even in my drafty house, the glass protects the candle and allows it to burn evenly. Great for a screened in porch where you can enjoy the breeze while your candle burns. They are both beautiful and functional!!

Books: Oh how I love books!! But, did you know they are a great element in design? Yes, you can stack them to elevate items, use them to add color or neutralize color. Always check under the dust jacket for solid colors and clean writing. If you find a book that has a great design element and is about a subject you enjoy, you have won! Hardcover books in my thrift store are $1. I cannot pass them up.

two monochromatic books with a white vignetter on top

Monochromatic books make a great vignette

books added to a coffee corner

Books to add color and height to a dark corner


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