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Summer Tomato "Caprese" Salad

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

by Patty Thompson

August is becoming one of my favorite months. It certainly is the most satisfying month for those of us who plant vegetable gardens. Here in northern VT, tomatoes are harvested by the armload each and every glorious August day.

This tomato salad has it's origins from my childhood. My father would grow the most beautiful tomatoes and slice them with salt and pepper, it was a staple on our late summer dinner table. Fast forward to my adult years when caprese salad became my go-to potluck contribution. Slices of juicy tomatoes, alternating with fresh basil and mozarella slices, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar made an easy and gorgeous dish to share.

This salad is my version of that caprese salad, but much easier to eat. Bite sized chunks of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, basil ribbons and a super simple vinegar and oil dressing is perfect on it's own or as a topping on a baguette or sturdy sourdough.

Load up on 4-6 ripe tomatoes, one cucumber, a red onion, a handful of fresh basil, and some mozarella cheese. Dice everything into bite sized pieces, add basil ribbons, top with a simple mixture at a 1:2 ratio of red wine vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper. Let the flavors marinate for a few hours and eat plain or on top of a baguette or crusty sourdough.

For a printable of the recipe, download the pdf below. Enjoy!!

tomato salad recipe
Download PDF • 2.08MB


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