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Simple Elegance: Red, Black and Silver at Christmas

While reading one of my favorite magazines, I stopped in my tracks at a photograph of a Christmas table. The table had the expected traditional red and silver, but an additional element was used...Black! I was so struck by the simplicity, beauty, and elegance of this color combination that I decided to incorporate these colors into my 2023 Christmas decor.

I love how silver adds elegance, red adds traditional charm, and the color black anchors the entire look. These napkins from April Cornell are perfect for Christmas and beyond. The red and black napkins paired with silver napkin rings create such a classic look that would elevate any holiday table.

This black table is the perfect anchor for the silver champagne bucket containing a tree with red ribbon, silver plated compote filled with red candies, and even a stainless steel cocktail shaker to add to the sparkle.

If you like this red, black , and silver color combination, go ahead and give it a try. Add red candles to traditional wrought iron candlesticks or embellish your silver candlesticks with red candles and black velvet ribbon tied around the base. Start small with chargers, napkins, napkin rings, candles, etc. This color combination is all about simple elegance and I am loving the look this season.



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