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Seed Pod Place Cards

This is an easy and fun craft project that anyone can do and it is pretty as well! In my book that is a win-win

I used gum tree seed pods. You can find these outside if you have gum trees in your area or you can order them online.

I started by making a small "shoelace" bow out of 3/8" velvet ribbon. I glued this to the seed pod right at the base of the stem.

I then made a small pennant shaped triangle out of cardstock. I used plain cream colored cardstock, but a tan, brown, or rust color would also have been very pretty.

Using a sharpie or other felt tip pen, write the name of your guests on the little cardstock pennants. A gold or silver pen would be perfect for a holiday table.

Glue the name card to the seed pod stem.

Here is a YouTube video with the full tutorial.



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