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"Revitalize Your Space: Spring Home Refresh Tips"

Bring on the Botanicals

Ferns, flowers, leaves, and seeds all say sprint to me. When I think about spring I think of planting my garden, adding flowers to pots on my front porch, and the trees and plants blooming in my yard. Bringing these blooms into your home in the form or artwork, pillows, textiles, dishware and table linens is a sure way to freshen up your space.

Lighten up your Color Palette

Introducing those lovely shades of white, fresh green, lilac, sky blue, yellow, and soft pink is a sure fired way to bring some spring into your home. You can add in pops of these colors through accessories, greenery and plants, dishes, and artwork. Making a few key swaps such a changing out a tablecloth or throw pillows can make a big difference.

Don't Forget Our Animal Friends

Birds, eggs, nests, and bunnies are all symbols of springtime. Adding these elements to your decor can provide subtle hints of spring in your home.

Flowers and Plants

This is a "no brainer" as they say. Bringing in plants and greenery - live or artificial - will definitely create that spring feeling in your home. Fortunately there a lots of high quality artificial florals available these days so if you don't have access to live plants when spring fever hits - you can still bring greenery into your decor.

And finally ..... Bring on the Texture!

Adding texture to your home decor in the form of jute, woven baskets, rope, rattan and other natural textures, including pottery, glass, feathers, and linen can bring the feelings of the outside in and freshen up your space.

These simple decor swaps and suggestions can go a long ways toward refreshing your home for spring!



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