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Creating Cozy - Thrifting Cottage Style Decor

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Cottage core, granny chic, cottage style … whatever you call it I love it! But what exactly is cottage style and how can you achieve that look on a budget? In this blog post and the accompanying YouTube video, I try to answer that question.

I have always loved the elements of what I call cottage style. These elements include warm wood tones, baskets, pottery, copper, cozy textiles, blue and white china, books, teapots upholstered furniture, antiques, plants, oil paintings, plaids, florals, and chintz. The style I love has a distinctly curated and collected look. To me cottage style is a cozy home filled with dishes and furniture handed down through generations or collected over time.

So, how is it possible to create this look if you haven’t inherited or been handed down furniture, china, and other treasures? My suggestion is to hit the thrift and second-hand stores. I decided to take my own advice and head out to the thrift stores one morning to see what cottage core décor, dishes, and furnishings I could find at reasonable prices.

I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much cottage style décor was readily available in my local thrift stores. In fact, a few of those items just may have come home with me!

I started out in dishware and glasses. I found all kinds of cute floral dishes, platters, and mugs on the shelves. I also found pottery bowls and mugs which speak to a more earthy or bohemian cottage style. Most of these items were priced at less than a dollar each.

Tucked in among the dishes were pottery crocks, copper molds, and cast-iron trivets. These are the kinds of things that help to give a home that collect or curated look.

Textiles are also a big part of cottage style. Floral tablecloths, pillows, and napkins, handmade blankets, and linen tea towels all give a home that lovely sense of cozy, and most of these things were readily available in my thrift stores.

If you are wanting to bring that cozy cottage style to your home, then head to your nearest thrift stores. You are sure to find lots of beautiful and unique treasures at great prices!

Here is a look at some of my cozy cottage thrift finds.


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