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Thrifting Regrets

We have all done it .... left something behind at the thrift store and then gotten home and decided you really wanted it - and unfortunately when you go back the next day to get it ... it's gone. Thrifting regrets are real - and for some reason I never learn. I still leave things behind that I love and then go back to get them and they are gone.

In my most recent YouTube video (linked below), I share several thrifting regrets. And if truth be told it was hard to edit that video because it just reminded me of what got away.

My first regret in the video was a beautiful cake pedestal. It was made of beautiful porcelain china and around the edge of it was a depiction of the twelve days of Christmas. The price was fifteen dollars, which was a totally reasonable price. However, for some reason that I cannot explain, I did not pick it up. I still think of how pretty that cake pedestal would have looked on my Christmas table.

The second regret in this video is two boxed sets of David Carter Brown Christmas plates. These plates were absolutely adorable. There were four different plates each depicting quintessentially country Christmas scenes. They were priced at ten dollars per box. I absolutely love David Carter Brown designs and I love Christmas, and I especially love dishes. Why I did not purchase these remains a mystery - even to me!

Finally, my third regret in this video is a very nice planter/urn. I am always on the lookout for urns. They are great for house plants and outdoor plants. My sister Kathleen has a self-admitted urn problem. She has never met an urn she didn't like. This urn was a great size and was painted in a cream and green color scheme. And even if that color scheme was not something I particularly liked - it was easily paintable.

However, once again I did not bring that urn home with me. It was only five dollars, but for some reason I simply left it behind. When I went back to the store the next day, the cake pedestal, the David Carter Brown plates, and the urn were all gone. I am really hoping that I have learned my lesson - things don't keep at the thrift store! If it is something I love, something I've been looking for, or something I need - and the price is right - I need to pick it up. Otherwise I am in for some serious thrifting regrets!

Want to know what I did pick up? Click on the YouTube video below and see what I brought home .... and what I did not!


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21. Nov. 2023

Yes! I've done the same thing! Left something behind for whatever my reason is at the moment. And especially at thrift stores, it's unlikely to be there when I go back! I call it my own version of buyer's remorse. My husband argues that that's not at all what the meaning of buyer's remorse is, but I stick to my guns and say "it is what it is." :)

Gefällt mir
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