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DIY Decorative Match Containers

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I saw some decorative match containers at one of my favorite home decor boutiques. They were beautiful, but came with a price tag a little steeper than what I could afford at the time. I figured I could probably make some myself that would be very cute, personalized, and fun.

For the project I needed some small glass jars with cork tops, some decorative paper, match striker stickers, mod podge, ribbon, and of course, matches!

For decorative paper, I used a page from an old sheet music book I thrifted and a piece of scrapbooking paper. Really you can use any paper that you like, including wrapping paper or decorative napkins.

Cut the paper into strips - the width of the strip depends on the size of your container and your personal preference. I cut mine to fit just around the middle of the container with glass showing above and below the strip.

Cut the strip to a length that will just fit around the jar with a slight overlap. Coat the back side of the strip with mod podge and affix to the jar - smoothing out any air bubbles or wrinkles. I then gave the whole strip a thin coat of mod podge to seal it - taking care not to get any on the glass container. If you do get some on the container, simply wipe it off. I used a matte finish mod podge.

Finally, fill the jar with matches. I bought a box of matchsticks with green tips and simply filled the jars from that box.

Lastly, I tied a decorative velvet ribbon around the jar and that was it! They are the perfect little "extra to give with the gift of a candle. And they can be personalized with the decorative paper to match any decor or personality!

Here is a youtube video with the whole tutorial.



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