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Easy Charcuterie Board Dinner

It's a busy weeknight during the Christmas holiday season and coming back from evening festivities to a sink full of dirty dinner dishes is not on my wish list. Charcuterie Board to the rescue. Who doesn't like a board full of meat, cheese, fruit, crackers, olives, and more?

Tackle a good charcuterie using a 4 x 3 structured strategy. Use 4 main components ; meat, cheese, bread/ crackers, and fruit, and select 3 varieties of each. This is not limiting , but rather a stepping off point. Feel free to add olives, nuts, or other nibbles in addition to the main components.

My board was a smaller scale, 4 x 2 since it was just for a couple of us.

For the meat, I selected a prosciutto and salami...easy to eat and so delisious. For cheese selection, keep it varied. Soft, hard, spreadable...go ahead and mix it up.

When selecting crackers, keep them simple. I like to select uncomplicated crackers such as water crackers so as not to interfere with the cheese flavors. Sliced bread also works well. For fruit, it's grapes for me. Grapes are an excellent fruit choice since they can act as a palate cleanser and are so useful for filling in the blank spaces on the board. Go ahead and add some olives or nuts to round out an excellent board.

So, let your creativity shine and enjoy the art of charcuterie. Follow the 4 x 3 rule to start and then make it all yours. This has become a weekly meal in our home and it's my absolute favorite!



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